Your feedback will shape the Port Lands

Written by Shawna O'Neill

The Port Lands is the 16-acre waterfront lot in the photo above, which is located in the East end of Cornwall along the harbour front. If you could design anything there, a dream destination, what would it be?

Co-Owned by the City of Cornwall and the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA), the Port Lands is essentially becoming a blank slate for locals to build upon together.

ACCFutures (previously Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation) has been overseeing the Port Lands Project for almost a year now and has made great momentum. One of their priorities is gaining insight into what locals — of all ages and genders — want to see there.

So, if you are a local, fill out this survey (before July 31, 2021) to express what you want the Port Lands to become.

“Everyone (involved) recognizes that the main factor in the success of the project is if the communities (Cornwall, Akwesasne and SD&G) are equally engaged and excited,” said ACCFutures Executive Director Lesley Thompson. “This survey is working to ensure those voices are heard and represented.”

“People need to get involved, it’s super important,” said ACCPathways Manager Simon McLinden. “We want as much public feedback as possible. We are open to big ideas. Over 850 surveys have been completed so far!”

The Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes the unique opportunity that the Port Lands offers for our community. The scale of this project, in terms of its geographic location and collaboration, has not been observed in our community for decades. This project has the potential to be revolutionary. Not only can it develop our local economy and tourism, it can demonstrate actionable steps towards reconciliation through harmonizing with Indigenous community members to acknowledge the beautiful cultural diversity across our region.

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