Update on Provincial status on COVID-19

The announcement late Friday April 16th and the subsequent changes on the 17th have created some confusion on the current state of restrictions.

There are two dates to be aware of corresponding to the Provincial response to Covid.

The Stay at Home Order expires on May 5th. This is also referred to the Emergency Orders

The Shutdown order which is our current classification under the Framework otherwise known as the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020 expires on May 20th.

Stay At Home Order - Currently Expiring May 5th

The Stay at Home Order is directed at all citizens of the Province and states what a person can leave their residence for. From a business perspective, there are a few things to be aware of.

The are a variety of commercial reasons residents may leave their home:

  • Obtaining food, beverages and personal care items.
  • Obtaining goods or services that are necessary for the health or safety of an individual, including vaccinations, other health care services and medications.
  • Obtaining goods, obtaining services, or performing such activities as are necessary for landscaping, gardening and the safe operation, maintenance and sanitation of households, businesses, means of transportation or other places.
  • Purchasing or picking up goods through an alternative method of sale, such as curbside pickup, from a business or place that is permitted to provide the alternative method of sale.
  • Attending an appointment at a business or place that is permitted to be open by appointment only.
  • Obtaining services from a financial institution or cheque cashing service.
  • Obtaining goods or services that are necessary for the health or safety of an animal, including obtaining veterinary services.
  • Obtaining animal food or supplies.
  • Attending a gathering for the purpose of a wedding, a funeral or a religious service, rite or ceremony that is permitted by law or making necessary arrangements for the purpose of such a gathering.

Shutdown Order - Currently Expiring May 20th

The Shutdown Order details what businesses and workplaces can operate and the conditions in which they can operate. It is important to remember that these rules are currently in effect until May 20th.

As of April 19th at 12:55 pm the O. Reg. 82/20: RULES FOR AREAS IN STAGE 1 has not been updated to include the changes made on Friday, April 16th. If you operate a marina or are in construction you would need to read Regulation 297/21 Amended on April 17.

Here are few points businesses should be aware of:

  • The most recent changes further restrict the size of gatherings. This affects social gatherings as well and ceremonial gatherings. Refer to the regulation for specifics.
  • You can still sell goods online, curbside, and delivery
  • Restaurants can continue to offer takeout and delivery.
  • The initial threat to randomly stop people to inquire about their reason for being away from their residents has been rescinded.
  • Picking up goods sold by curbside is a permitted reason for customers to leave thier residence.

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