Sourcing Raw Materials

Whether one is manufacturing a tangible product or selling an intangible good, both need to be able to be provided to their customers in a timely fashion. The logistics of both may differ greatly, however in the end the basic premise is that the product can be delivered to the customer efficiently, reliably, and at a cost that is acceptable to both parties.

  • Take stock of the resources you have on hand. Will you need more? How often and how quickly?
  • Source your raw materials: Where can you get them reliably, quickly, and at a cost you can tolerate?

Managing your inventory Resources:

How to Avoid a Bottleneck in Production

Bottlenecks are caused when one part of the process is going faster than another- one cause can be lack of enough ready raw materials to create finished products for customers. This article talks about this scenario and others which might cause a bottleneck in your production.

What is Raw Materials Inventory Management? The Complete Guide

This guide published in 2019 by the inventory management software company Katana gives the basics of why it is important to know how much inventory you have on hand at any time, and how that can save or cost you money.

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