Location, Location, Location

Choosing a location for your business is not easy. Some people can operate from their homes and that is enough for their business, some people need a brick-and-mortar location for their customers to visit or space for a shop to make their products. Whatever your business requirements, it is important to select a good location.

Within the boundaries of the City of Cornwall, Cornwall city bylaws apply, the same for the Mohawk Territory of Akwesasne which sits south of Cornwall. Outside of Cornwall are the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry which have created a unified zoning by-law code under which all the counties fall under.

When operating a business at home, it is important to know the bylaws for your specific area. While some counties take a more laid-back approach to their residents operating businesses from their homes, other counties in SD & G have their own set of bylaws governing the running of home-based businesses in their areas, in addition to those imposed under the SD & G zoning bylaws.

Resources for Local By-Laws Related to Home Businesses:

City of Cornwall By-Law Search

The City of Cornwall has a comprehensive list of by-laws available to search right on their website.

North Dundas By-Law

North Dundas allows for Home Occupation (Home-based Business) if it adheres to SD & G zoning by-laws.

South Dundas By-Laws:

South Dundas allows for Home Occupation (Home-based Business) as long as it adheres to SD & G zoning by-laws.

North Stormont Business By-Laws

North Stormont allows for Home Occupation (Home-based Business) as long as it adheres to their relevant by-laws and SD & G zoning by-laws. (See PDF)

South Stormont By-Law Search

The Township of South Stormont does not have a business licensing program or business registration. However, South Stormont does have a list of by-laws for home-based commercial businesses, as well as follow all SD & G zoning bylaws. (See Document)

North Glengarry By-Laws

North Glengarry allows for Home Occupation (Home-based Business) as long as it adheres to SD & G zoning by-laws.

South Glengarry By-Laws

The Township of South Glengarry does not have any by-laws specific to businesses/home-based businesses. For additional information about the zoning by-law, contact the South Glengarry Planner Joanne Haley at mjhaley@southglengarry.com.

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne By-Laws

The Mohawk Territory of Akwesasne does not fall under the United Counties, thus they have their bylaws which govern businesses in their area.

Resources for Location Research:

Renting Commercial Property in Ontario

The Government of Ontario has created a guide to assist you in learning about commercial leases, conflict resolution, and ending a commercial tenancy.

Commercial Properties in Cornwall

Choose Cornwall has a listing of commercial properties available in Cornwall complete with pictures of the properties and information on the listings.

Commercial Tenancies Act of Ontario

The Commercial Tenancies Act is the law that governs commercial tenancies in Ontario. It is a good idea to read up on the laws so that you know your rights and responsibilities as a commercial tenant.

Home-Based Business Advantages and Disadvantages

Is it worth it to operate out of your house, or will you need something more to support your business? This article helps ask the questions you need to figure it all out.

Tax Advantages of Operating a Home-Based Business

If you decide to operate out of your home, you might have some tax advantages. This blog by Farm & Small Business can tell you some of the tax implications of operating your small business from your home.

The Advantages of Opening a Store in a Busy Area

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