Identifying A Reasonable Customer Base

The next step is to find out if other people have the same problem, and to be able to figure out a way to deliver and sell that solution to them.

  • Are they reachable?
  • Are they local or will you be exporting your product outside of Canada?
  • Do they have disposable income?
  • Are they consistent?
  • Are they of an age group that supports the above?

Market Research Resources:

The Government of Canada's Steps for Identifying A Customer Base for Export

An in-depth resource that helps guide you through identifying a customer base internationally as well as listing the types and importance of doing market research.

Consumer Trends Information

Produced by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, his consumer trend information can help businesses predict where the trend is now and where it is going in the future. This helps companies to stay competitive in an ever-changing economy.

Choose Cornwall Resources

A great list of resources that includes demographic information on Cornwall residents, a helpful tool to help you on your journey of identifying a local customer base.

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