Future of Cornwall Regional Airport


The City of Cornwall and the municipality of South Glengarry are joint owners of the airport. This agreement was created in 1984. There is a long history of the two parties trying to develop a vision for the airport. The most recent studies were done in 2017 and 2021. The agenda item recommends that the City of Cornwall begin discussions about terminating the current agreement. Read the agenda item here. It is expected that the negotiations with South Glengarry will take a couple of years as there is no termination clause in the agreement.

The Chamber believes that having a regional airport is an important asset for future economic development. The Chamber also recognizes the need for the governance structure to change as a prerequisite for future growth. The viability of the airport requires the SDG Council, The City of Cornwall and the municipality of South Glengarry to be engaged in the development of the airport. We would ask the City of Council place as an objective in arriving at a termination agreement, the continued operation of the airport. We would also ask that the City of Cornwall continue to look for ways to support the development of the Cornwall Regional Airport.

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