Do You Have A Permit for That?

Each town in the SD & G area has its own set of laws regarding permits, licenses, and registrations needed to properly operate as a business. Your local City Hall can tell you just what you need and some like the City of Cornwall offer that information online.

Products can be tangible goods (something you can touch like a brick) or intangible goods (something you cannot touch like a computer program, or an idea). If your product is a new idea no one has ever seen before, you will need to protect your Intellectual Property Rights. This can be done with a lawyer, or on your own.

Permit and Licensing Resources:

BizPal is funded by federal, provincial/territorial, municipal governments, and First Nations. It contains a database of permits and licenses for every industry which is user-friendly and comprehensive.

City of Cornwall Business License Resource

The City of Cornwall has put together an easy-to-use resource for applying for a business license and any applicable by-law requirements for the City of Cornwall of each business license.

Law Society of Upper Canada

The Law Society of Upper Canada is a Government-mandated organization that ensures the quality and proper standards of legal professionals in Ontario. They can help you find a lawyer or paralegal suitable for your needs in your area and offer a free half-hour consultation for Ontario residents.

Choosing A Business Name

The Government of Canada’s 3-step guide to choosing a name for your new company and making sure it stays yours. By registering your company name, you make sure no one else can use that name which is an advantage when trying to set yourself apart in an industry.

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