Carl Hosein of CITRN Manpower joins the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce

Carl Hosein is the founder and CEO of CITRN Manpower, a Toronto-based recruitment company. Over the last 21 years, CITRN has been successfully connecting foreign workers with Canadian employers. Mister Greek Meat Market, a well-known butcher shop in Toronto, is a prime example of an establishment with a stream of CITRN workers.

Carl became a member of our Chamber at the end of 2020.

“We have decided to do business in the Cornwall region,” said Carl with enthusiasm. “The government has produced some new pilot projects for Cornwall…we want to explore the potential (here), not just for our benefit, but for our employees. Cornwall has a lot of charm and personality, and has that feeling that you don’t get in big cities.”

With CITRN specializing in the farming industry, and fostering long-time connections in Ontario and British Columbia, Carl felt that branching out to our region was a perfect fit. CITRN connected employees with local employers prior to the pandemic, and in light of unforeseen circumstances, those employees have yet to been able to step foot on their job site yet. Carl feels that it’s only a matter of time before the skilled individuals he works with make a physical impact in Cornwall and area.

“We take pride in our service and hope to become an asset in the Cornwall region,” said Carl. “We have noticed a labour shortage here in (certain) industries.”

Visit CITRNManpower’s website to learn more about employees from a pool of 85 international organizations.

Pictured: Carl Hosein, left, with an employee of Mister Greek Meat Market in Toronto.

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