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2023 BEA Awards

Update: Nominations have closed!

The Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited opening of nominations for the Annual Business Excellence Awards. As the premier business recognition event in the region, these awards shine a spotlight on outstanding businesses and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and success within the Cornwall and surrounding areas. With a rich history of celebrating excellence in our vibrant business community, this year promises to be no exception as we invite nominations from the community at large, eager to honor those who have made significant contributions to the economic and social fabric of our region. This is your opportunity to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of the local businesses and entrepreneurs who have been instrumental in shaping the Cornwall business landscape.

Nominations are now open, and we look forward to receiving a diverse range of submissions that reflect the incredible diversity and strength of our local business community.

Lifetime Business Achievement Award

Cornwall boasts an enviable group of longstanding professionals. These individuals have not only made their mark in the world of commerce; they enhance the community as a whole.

Their belief in the city has seen them give of their time and expertise to help create an environment of growth and prosperity and to make a better quality of life for all.

Inclusion and Diversity Award

The Inclusion and Diversity Award honours a business that prioritizes the principles of inclusion and diversity in the workplace and in the community. The business that receives this award recognizes and celebrates the range of human differences, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, or ideology.

Environmental Impact Award

The Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce is interested in the local efforts to impact, solve, and address Cornwall and the region's environmental issues. This award winner demonstrates leadership towards enhancing the communities' ability to respond to environmental challenges.

The award winner does not have to be an environmental service company.

Community Impact Award

A special award (not always presented) recognizes an extraordinary local event or people accomplishing incredible things that benefit the community in unique and meaningful ways.

This award can go to an individual, a group, an organization or, a business. Generally, this award recognizes a significant accomplishment that benefits the entire area.

Tourism Excellence

Tourism Excellence Award has a demonstrated history of excellence over the past year by increasing Cornwall and the Counties' awareness as a viable tourist destination. The award will recognize a  business that has demonstrated excellence in the tourism sector, showcased the local tourism sector, and has played a vital role in the growth of the region's tourism industry.

This business should demonstrate the critical success factors that have played a role in its success, including outstanding employee relations, economic development, business growth, and community contributions. This business goes above and beyond, providing extraordinary customer service and recognizing the importance of tourism in the region and serving the community.

Examples of potential nominations include restaurants, hotels/motels, wineries, micro-breweries, attractions, golf courses.

Small to Medium sized Business

Nine out of ten enterprises in Canada classify as small to medium size businesses making them the mainstay of the Canadian economy. A vast majority fall into this category of stalwart business professionals.

The award is a tribute to a manufacturing or non-manufacturing organization of fewer than 100 employees that has operated in the Cornwall area for at least one year.

Large Business

Cornwall boasts many businesses and industries, with some of them enjoying global recognition and respect for excellence in both products and services. Employing 30 people or more, these firms play a leading role in solidly positioning the city in the marketplace.

These firms provide employment, stability and enhanced quality of life for many Cornwall and area residents. This category is described, in general terms, as a firm that has been in operation for a minimum of one year in either a manufacturing or a non-manufacturing role.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Without imagination and a willingness to take risks, many innovative products and services in today's marketplace would not exist. The entrepreneur takes a vision and turns it into a profitable reality. This award recognizes someone from the community who exemplifies these qualities.

General criteria centre on an enterprise that has undergone a significant shift in focus within that period.

New Business of the Year

Must be in business for a minimum of 1 year (October 2, 2022) and less than 5 years. Recognizes outstanding achievement as a new business in some or all of the following: Research & Development, Company Growth, Products & Services, Market Development, Sales & Marketing, Community Service.

Young Professional of the Year

The Young Business Person of the year award celebrates an extraordinary young business person aged 35 and under who exhibits qualities that inspires the business community. Open to young entrepreneurs building their own business or employees that have had an outstanding impact on their business.

Citizen of the Year

The Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce introduced the Citizen of the Year award in 1972.

Since then, the Chamber has regularly honoured local citizens who have made an outstanding contribution to the community. We will evaluate nominations on the nature of the achievement concerning ongoing leadership, dedication and the positive impact the individual has made on the community and those who work and live here.

Nominators are encouraged to provide background information about the candidate, including letters of support, testimonials, etc.

NOTE: Elected officials, while holding office, are not eligible for nomination.

If you have any questions about nominations or the BEA awards, feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact form or email

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