Membership Fee Structure

Membership fees are for a 12 month period and are based on the number of employees (including owners, managers, etc.) per firm.

Branch locations sharing the same ownership may combine their locations on one membership based on the total number of employees at all branches.

Number of Employees Annual Fees # of Voting Delegates
*Associate $85.00 One
1 – 5 $120.00 One
6 – 15 $155.00 Two
16 – 30 $200.00 Three
31 – 50 $220.00 Four
51 – 125 $345.00 Five
126+ $430.00 Six
Institutional** $430.00 One
Non-profit $120.00 One
Additional Business Location*** $85.00 One

NOTE: The figures shown above do not include HST or the mandatory $10.00 Ontario Chamber of Commerce Membership fee.

*Associate Membership: Your name is listed under the “Professional” listing in the Membership Directory and not by your company name.
**Institutional=Government, School Boards, Hospitals…
***Additional Business Location must have the same company name

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