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Area Chambers Address Proposed $14.00 Minimum Wage

September 12, 2013

A group of Chambers from across the southern portion of S.D. & G. recently met to explore activities that would provide mutual assistance and perhaps, benefit the region as a whole. During its initial meeting on August 28, a key discussion item centered on the proposal put forth by a lobby group to that would see the minimum wage increased to $14.00 per hour.

The Chambers carried out an informal poll of its members and was informed that such a move would have serious implications for the small business sector and would likely result in job cuts. It is interesting to note that the Ontario Chamber has commended the group as one of few provincial chambers to take issue with the proposal.

The Chambers will be corresponding with the region’s MPP with a view to making him aware of the implications of the proposed increase. It will also request his party take the necessary steps to ensure the provincial government’s Minimum Wage Advisory Panel reflects a realistic balance of all constituent groups. It believes the current panel is ill-represented with respect to small business.

We will keep you posted as the MPP responds and the provincial panel moves forward.

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