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Affinity Programs… What are they?

January 17, 2013

The Chamber has a number of affinity programs and each one has specific benefits designed to help your business grow and prosper. Your Chamber is pleased to announce a number of both new and enhanced programs for its members.

For our retail merchant members we offer the Mystery Shopper program, a unique opportunity to measure your staff’s service excellence by ensuring your customer’s shopping experience is a positive one.

Chamber member businesses occasionally have to deal with sensitive personnel matters and it is vital to know the do’s and don’t’s. Hotline to HR is a must have resource for personnel matters to make sure they are handled in accordance with privacy and labour regulations.

Securing insurance, particularly for smaller businesses can be an expensive undertaking. A key Chamber benefit is its insurance plans and recent changes will make these plans even more beneficial.

Many of our members already take advantage of the business discounts offered by ESSO. Did you know that these benefits are now available for members of your staff as well?

Then … there is the sun and warmth of Costa Rica … your relaxing destination from Collette Vacations. A terrific opportunity for our members to get away for a much deserved winter break.

These are just some of the programs available to Chamber members and we’d like to tell you more. We invite you to join us for an upcoming Affinity Program information evening. You’ll enjoy the fun and networking of a PubNite and get a valuable insight about the many ways these programs can enhance your business operations. Watch for details coming soon.

Browse all the programs we are currently offering

[button link=”” color=”green”]Mystery Shopper[/button]
[button link=”/members-services/perks-program/hotline-to-hr” color=”green”]Hotline to HR[/button]
[button link=”/members-services/perks-program/td-merchant-services-members-program” color=”green”]TD Merchant Services Member’s Program[/button]
[button link=”/members-services/perks-program/m2m-discount-program” color=”green”]M2M Discount Program[/button]
[button link=”/members-services/perks-program/chamber-web-badge” color=”green”]Chamber web-badge[/button]
[button link=”/members-services/perks-program/marketing-opportunities” color=”green”]Marketing opportunities[/button]
[button link=”/members-services/perks-program/members-group-insurance-plan” color=”green”]Member’s Group Insurance Plan[/button]
[button link=”/members-services/perks-program/e-learning-centre-members-program” color=”green”]e-learning Centre Program[/button]
[button link=”/members-services/perks-program/esso-business-card-program” color=”green”]Esso Business Card Program[/button]
[button link=”” color=”green”]Members Coupons Program[/button]
[button link=”/members-services/certificate-of-origin” color=”green”]Certificate of Origin[/button]

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